About Carrier Budge

Since 2009, Carrier Budge has been creating lighthearted, colourful greeting card designs featuring lovable characters to bring smiles to your special occasions. Now that playful and unique style extends to fun products and prints to be a part of your everyday (Check out our designs HERE). Carrier Budge Studio is based in Toronto, Ontario.

Holly Main, the heart of The Budge, is the greeting card designer and creator of all artwork and illustrations at Carrier Budge Studio. Illustrations are drawn traditionally by hand, using pen and ink, and are then coloured and formatted digitally.

Holly studied Fine Arts at the University of Ottawa and loves creating illustrations that spread joy.

See more of her work at www.hollymain.com

Photo Credit: Pep Studios

The Story of The Budge...

Years back, the Main family had a pet. A little white budgie, with a bit of blue. His name was simply, The Budge. 

The Budge had quite the personality. He loved laughter, chirping along to laugh tracks during sitcoms. He enjoyed a good stare down, which he always won with a slight head tilt. He loved romancing his plastic cage mate and gazing out the window. Overall, The Budge was a pleasant addition to the family. 

One sunny day, Mr. Main decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and clean The Budge's cage outside… One swift swoop and The Budge was gone. 

The cage was left outside, door open, in hopes of The Budge’s return but The Budge had other plans. 

The next week, a family friend saw a white budgie with some sparrows... and so the legend grew...

It only made sense that The Budge's next steps would be to learn the ways of the carrier pigeon and start a whole career for himself, delivering lighthearted, fun designs as the one and only Carrier Budge.

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